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LAYV® CBD oil is extracted from reliable fiber hemp with patented extraction under low pressure and low temperature.

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LAYV® was founded in 2017 to make the best CBD product ever available to everyone. We believe in making natural products with you in mind. That’s why we have a healthy obsession with our quality, your experience and your well-being.

You can find us in more than 1,200 locations and we are proud of our collaboration with all Jumbo supermarkets and Etos stores in NL.

Supported by science

LAYV® extracts CBD only from reliable hemp grown on clean soil. This process takes place under low pressure and low temperature so that desired active substances from the plant are optimally retained. Then we carefully analyze the product to ensure the best extract on the market.

transparancy CBD oil 3%
transparancy CBD oil 3%

An honest personality

Some effects may seem magical, but there is always a scientific explanation. We will always carefully evaluate all info before publishing lab results, knowledge and CBD news. There are too many faulty and wrong products available that could give you an undeserved negative experience. LAYV® will continue to honestly review, test and inform. If you are unsure about anything, our enthusiastic team of CBD nerds is ready to help you further.

Knowledge about cannabinoids

Our mission is to educate the world about proven uses of all cannabinoids found in hemp. Despite the fact that the plant has been used for millennia (since 2800 B.C.), scientific research on it is still at an early stage. There are interesting studies being conducted and published every day, so our job is to make the most important insights accessible and to disseminate valuable knowledge.

That’s why LAYV® built the world’s first unique search engine to find the relevant CBD publications you’re looking for.

education 3d LAYV personas
education 3d LAYV personas
community 3d LAYV personas
community 3d LAYV personas

Community is key

We think it’s really important to help each other out. We’ve created a community of people who are open-minded and like to share their own experiences, routines, and interesting things to read about CBD. We also like to be part of this community too, so we give special access to new products and offer live Q&A sessions. Sometimes we even give out secret discount codes.

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