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Trust is everything. We promise to be honest with you. This seems obvious, but unfortunately it is not. In a market flooded with marketers and influencers sharing uninformed “knowledge,” we feel obliged to be direct. We are proud of our reliable CBD products.

Schone CBD olie 3% cbd extract
Schone CBD olie 3% cbd extract
binnenkant layv cbd olie flesje


LAYV® takes testing, assessment and guidance extremely seriously and the team will always support you with any questions or feedback you may have.

We promise to be transparent

We want to be as transparent as possible. We test our product thoroughly and make every effort to achieve the cleanest and most effective CBD product in the world. We test for all possible contaminants and share the test results with you, so you can be sure of a safe daily habit.

CBD is currently a hyped market flooded with vendors looking to make a quick buck. Shockingly, it is all too common for products to be contaminated with either psychoactive amounts of THC or serious contaminants such as toxic mold, pesticides and even carcinogens.

Therefore, since 2017, it has been our top priority to provide everyone with a clean and reliable product, while being completely transparent about what is in a bottle of LAYV®.

We promise to critically evaluate

Our goal is to help our clients improve their physical and mental fitness with LAYV®. In our personal lives, we have a mild obsession with healthy, optimal nutrition and high-quality supplements. We take this basic formula for quality of life along with adequate daily exercise quite seriously. Therefore, we understand the need to be completely honest about the effects of our products.

We keep track of all scientific publications so that our knowledge about the effects our product can have is always up to date. Since there is still much to learn about the specific functions and effects of all the different cannabinoids, it is important that we educate ourselves every day. We therefore make it our mission to provide a complete overview of all relevant research that has been done in the field of these fascinating botanicals.

cbd olie community
cbd olie community

We promise honest guidance and advice

Many people are exploring how CBD can help them personally, and many of them suffer from serious problems or ailments. Therefore, we recognize the importance of honest guidance when it comes to administering CBD products. We always advise LAYV® customers to talk to their doctor before using our products for a serious condition.

We also emphasize that CBD does not have a medicinal effect on its own, but rather should be used as a health supplement. Moreover, we are extremely cautious about claims about the properties of CBD unless they have been reviewed in a (peer-reviewed) scientific publication.

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