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LAYV extracts from reliable hemp proven to come from clean soil. Extraction takes place under low pressure and low temperature, so that the desired active ingredients from the plant are optimally retained. Because of this patented technology, we can guarantee that LAYV is the highest quality CBD hemp extract you can use.

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The ultimate CBD hemp extract

The “Clean” in LAYV Clean CBD is there for a reason; our oil has been thoroughly tested for any contaminants. We are absolutely aware that the hemp plant, from which CBD is extracted, can act as a kind of ecological sponge.

Plants “suck” minerals and impurities from the soil through their roots, including dangerous heavy metals and pesticide residues commonly found in farmland.

Did you know that they use hemp plants to clean the radioactively contaminated soil at Chernobyl?

This is why using clean hemp as the base for our extract is extremely important. Finding these proved to be a difficult challenge. It took us more than 14 months to find reliable hemp biomass that met LAYV’s strict quality requirements.

We take no chances when it comes to product safety. If our lab analysis reveals undesirable substances in our extract, we destroy the entire batch and start over. That process is repeated until we have a clean and reliable final product that is guaranteed safe for daily use.

LAYV’s hemp extraction is conducted under FSSC 22000 and ISO 22761 certification, ensuring the highest standard in the industry.

LAYV ® Clean CBD is sold in more than 1,200 stores such as Jumbo and Etos and has thousands of daily users.

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