At LAYV™ we believe in creating products with you in mind. That’s why we are obsessed with quality, experience, and your well-being.
We believe you deserve healthy and reliable daily routines.
LAYV was founded in 2017 to change the existing CBD market by producing extracts from Certified Organic plants made with the latest and greatest Low Pressure/Low Temperature Technology. Our team spent +100 weeks of perfecting processes before launching our revolutionary full spectrum formula in 2019.
Within a year after launch, LAYV could be found in 700+ supermarkets and pharmacies and is trusted by thousands of users on a daily basis.
Want to relax?
Busy schedule?
A good night's sleep?
Workout recovery?
LAYV stands for quality of life

Our name is just a 4-letter word that’s easy to remember. Our slogan ‘quality of life’ encapsulates our vision, which we distribute in product form with great passion. Our mission is to enable anyone to benefit from our products, while sharing education and scientific publications around cannabinoids and the hemp plant.  

When we started brainstorming in 2017 together with the production team, we had only one clear goal in mind: develop the optimal extract with consistent, reliable quality. Did we forecast we would be on the shelves of +700 Dutch supermarkets and pharmacies in 2020? Not quite. But it does confirm one thing: the market is in need for a safe, tasteful and affordable product.

From partnering with European farmers to providing test results with every batch, we strive to achieve the positive recognition hemp and its compounds deserve within daily supplements and personal health.

LAYV CBD oil is natural without synthetic additives
Certified Organic hemp from Europe
We only use Certified Organic hemp from European farmers from unpolluted soil. There is a traceability system in place which allows us to track a plant all the way back to the field.
Patented extraction technology
We use a mild and patented one-step process under low temperature and pressure in which the active cannabinoids are better preserved. The LAYV full spectrum extract remains as identical as possible to the original plant properties.
Careful production and packaging
LAYV products are produced under FSSC 22000 and ISO 22761 certification protocol — the highest industry standard. Our products are then carefully bottled and packaged.
Delivered fast, free and discretely
We ship and deliver only the latest batch to you. Whether you bought LAYV in-store or through us directly, we guarantee you the highest quality CBD you have ever tried.
No comparison in quality, strength, and care

There are all kinds of stories in the CBD market, but we are here with a promise to you that our ingredients are safe, tested, natural, and clean – with strong, full-spectrum concentrations. We have customer support standing by in case you want to chat, email, or DM us.

Feel free to present us with your personal case, we are here to assist you.

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