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Why LAYV®?

At LAYV®, we believe in making products with you in mind. That’s why we have a healthy obsession with our quality, your experience and your well-being.

We believe you deserve a healthy and reliable daily routine.

LAYV® was founded in 2017 to change the existing CBD market by producing extracts from reliable hemp plants. We do this with the very latest patented extraction technology under low pressure and temperature. The team spent more than 100 weeks perfecting processes before we were able to share our first revolutionary CBD formula from natural hemp extract with the world in 2019.

LAYV® can now be found in more than 1,200 stores and pharmacies, and our CBD oil is trusted by thousands of users every day.


Good night's sleep?

Busy schedule?

Muscle pain or injury?

layv 3% + 5% CBD extract bottle

LAYV® stands for "quality of life.

The name LAYV is just a 4 letter word that is easy to remember. Our slogan ‘quality of life’ represents our vision, which we distribute in product form with great passion. Therefore, our mission is to make our products accessible to everyone. In addition, we believe it is important to share education and scientific publications about cannabinoids and the hemp plant so that everyone can make informed decisions.

In 2017, when we started brainstorming the solution needed out of frustration, we had only one clear goal in mind: to develop the optimal extract with consistent, reliable quality. Did we forecast we would be on the shelves of +1,200 Dutch supermarkets and pharmacies in 2022? Not quite. But it does confirm one thing: the market is in need for a safe, tasteful and affordable CBD product.

From working with European farmers to making test results transparent with each batch, we strive to directly contribute to recognition for the effects of natural cannabinoids within daily supplements and personal health.

There is no alternative in quality, efficacy and support

The CBD market has the wildest claims and stories, but LAYV has been around since 2017 promising that our biomass and full spectrum extracts of it are optimally natural, clean, tested and safe.

We have an enthusiastic customer support team available in case you would like to chat, email or DM us. You can reach us at Help.

We would like to invite you to submit your personal case to us free of charge, as we are ready to help you with our knowledge and access to scientific studies.

What LAYV® users say

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We (my wife and I) love this product. We use it to relax and unwind in the evening for a better night's sleep. We both noticed that our stress levels dropped significantly.....
Ferdinand van der Neut
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LAYV's CBD oil provides more structure to my thinking throughout the day. In the process, it greatly improves the quality of my sleep with just a few drops a day. Can't say anything but highly recommended!
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I really love this product! It helps me with anxiety, confidence, relaxation and pain relief. My advice would be to take a few drops every day so that it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and you can enjoy the long-term benefits. 1000% recommended!
Kas van Vliet
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Calming without the risk of paranoia. I used to reach for cannabis on very sporadic frequencies to unload from a busy existence as an entrepreneur and journalist, but smoking weed or hash was always a gamble for me: 50/50 chance of a slightly paranoid experience that exacerbated stress rather than reduced it. For me, this is a good substitute that allows me to relax physically and mentally, but sin negative high. But don't think of it as a panacea; you have to create a peaceful environment for it to really come into its own.
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I bought a bottle at Jumbo today, because I am always very cramped and tense, and suffer a lot from headaches and stress..... i must say i am pleasantly surprised, that t is sold by jumbo, and that t works! Definitely worth a try! Am curious if there will be more products from you.
H. Paulus de Groot
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Have been using this for months for chronic pain in my shoulder, and it just works!
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The product has a good taste despite its high concentration (500 mg). It helps me with stress, sleep and pain.
Willem Spoor
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Helps excellent against osteoarthritis pain
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Good product and good minty taste
J.A. Worskasan
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Layv Cbd oil makes me calmer, it helps me with livedo reticularis on my legs, after using it my legs become normal again. I used CBD from other brands and Layv Cbd oil is definitely the highest quality product.
Charles PierrepontCharles Pierrepont
17:31 05 Apr 23
The LAYV CBD extract tastes and feels very clean. Dealing with the team at LAYV has been a pleasure. For someone who travels a lot, the clean CBD extract absolutely helps to unwind at the end of a long day.
Clare La Feber-ToolisClare La Feber-Toolis
06:24 30 Mar 23
I used the 5% LAYV CBD to manage pain from the symptoms of arthritis and it really helps. It has completely reduced the need for strong painkillers which is great. I also take a couple of drops of CBD if I feel stressed or overwhelmed and it calms me down. Highly recommend this CBD oil.
Runa WynekenRuna Wyneken
11:58 28 Sep 22
Love this product and the brand! Totally recommend it! Cleanest CBD out there!
Sven HurksSven Hurks
10:33 15 Jun 22
I have been using LAYV CBD for over one year, improving my sleep quality significantly.
Maria Mora GarciaMaria Mora Garcia
13:12 30 Apr 22
Excellent.I really like this cbd oil.
C. R.C. R.
21:44 25 Mar 22
After trying several other CBD oils, I've found my favourite. LAYV's cbd oil helps me with sleep and menstrual pain, taste is the best I've tried, great quality flask/packaging... Support is fast, professional and very helpful for any question! Even a handwritten note when you order from them!! Solid throughout. A CBD brand that's here to stay, finally!

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